We’ve all had experiences of it: times when we just “know” something. Moments when things become clear to us, and we cannot say exactly why. Ever considered what this experience is? How we have seemingly sudden insights? How to cultivate this underground aptitude?

Welcome to the World of Belly Intelligence! Presence of Mind Grows Out of Presence in the Body

Belly Intelligence is a penetrating approach that engages the mind-body conversation from the BODY’S perspective.  A fascinating exploration of the most undervalued resource we each have – one that is always at your fingertips, right here, under your nose!  Your soma (body) is an untapped reservoir of support, information and wisdom.  Your physical presence is always available and never lies, about anything.  Join this movement into the deeper intelligence that lies in the very tissue of your experience.  Learn how to distill somatic (body) understanding and bring it to everyday life.

Utilizing a variety of modalities to help participants tune into their physical presence and then deepen this contact with the body’s knowledge, basic through advanced workshops are offered regularly in the Denver area.  Workshop creator and leader, Sheila Kelly, is also able to come to your location and guide your group through her innovative approach.

Based on the latest brain research and proven methods of mind-body communication and grounded in an ancient tradition of the cultivation of embodied movement, the Belly Intelligence framework includes
3 levels of RELATING to YOUR BODY as a RESOURCE:


    Learning to Trust the SUPPORT of the body’s presence:

    Opening the somatic channel of mind-body communication.


    Listening to the INFORMATION stored in the body:

    Letting the somatic channel flow freely in an unfiltered way.



    Accessing Inner Knowing; Getting in touch with the Body’s WISDOM:

    Feeling the effect of somatic truth as it arises in the body and discerning its meaning.