Pebble in the Sand

Comment from Cheryl F. recent workshop participant:
“I just wanted to report on the belly support I continue to feel as a result of the class.  I had a wild day yesterday, with some unexpected things coming up.  Somehow, and in subtle ways, I felt the stability in my belly carry me through.  I worked on some major stuff with my teacher in the morning and felt that the belly work allowed me to go deeper with some tough &*%^!  My superego is circling overhead with this type of work, so I need to continuously defend.  My belly helped me to do that all day long!
Thank you so much for your valuable work.”

Belly Intelligence: Bringing the Body’s Wisdom to Everyday Life
3 hour Intro workshop in which participants begin relating to their bodies as resources (not objects).  Level I introduces key concepts and teaches skills of basic somatic practices (body centering, basic movement practices, and somatic inquiry).  Its design gives a double-layer experience of the basic iterative process of the Belly Intelligence framework: Sacred Container, Dropping In, Inquiry, and Reflection. Participants leave with a better understanding of and trust in the body’s innate ability to inform us in an intelligent way.

Host your own Belly Intelligence Workshop!  Host/Hostesses receive a free workshop and can invite whomever s/he wants.  Great for your next Women’s Group meeting, Book Club gathering, Self Awareness Club, or spiritually-minded group of friends.  Just Contact Sheila @ 720.530.6555 for more information.

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Belly Intelligence 4_9_17_full page



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Soma Sense: Level II Belly Intelligence
6 hour workshop that deepens presence in the body by refining basic skills while teaching methods to further the process of open-ended somatic inquiry into areas of historical conditioning, tension patterns, and rigidified beliefs and self concepts in the body.  Participants experience a pathway into intimate contact with information that is stored and usually hidden in the tissue of our experience, and leave with a fresh perspective on issues the mind has relentlessly turned over and over.


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Body Wisdom: Level III Belly Intelligence
Advanced Level Workshop that utilizes skills and sensibilities taught in Levels I and II and guides participants into the deep reservoir of wisdom in the body.  The format provides an opportunity to move through the layers of support and information in the body and begin to tap into the multifaceted perception of our belly center.   Participants get a glimpse (and sometimes more) of somatic understanding unfathomable to the ordinary mind.

Sensual Sundays-NEW!  Can be scheduled for your group!

2.5 Hours
$25 Early Bird Special  (8 days before event)
$30 thereafter (no refunds once payment is made)   (Partial Scholarships available)

Give yourself a gift: a deeper experience of YOU!

This playful, experiential workshop will help you come home to your body through movement, belly dance, sensual expression and personal reflection:
  • Awaken (or re-awaken) your sensuality as you explore the rich vitality of your physical presence.
  • Move with limiting beliefs about your body in a way that loosen their grip on you, so you can feel the true beauty of who you are.
  • Develop a simple plan to stay in touch with yourself.  Go home feeling like you’ve reacquainted with your oldest and dearest  friend – your body!
 No dance experience required.

Retreats, specialized workshops, keynote addresses, and staff development Seminars can be custom-tailored to your group’s needs.

Contact Sheila at for more information and to register for upcoming workshops.

Tap into the deeper YOU!

 Dates to Be Announced, 2016
 3 SUNDAYS: 3:15-5:15 pm
Following Bliss Yoga in Arvada, CO
All 3 workshops only $75!

 Live in YOUR BODY instead of just in your head
Most of us over-rely on our noggins and miss out on the richer parts of life.
Contact your untapped resource.  Embodiment is at your fingertips!

These unique workshops will help you:
Feel more comfortable and at home in your body
Trust your body as a resource

Learn simple techniques to:
Get out of your head when you are over thinking any challenge
Bring yourself back to your body in your everyday, hectic life
Relax and Unwind through playing with movement!

Sheila Kellyis a mind-body workshop leader & belly dance teacher who teaches movement “from the inside-out”. Her holistic approach helps people  tap into their somatic (body) presence, power, and potential.

 $75 for all 3 workshops
Drop Ins $30/workshop
Partial Scholarships available for those in need
PRE-register w/Sheila @ 720-530-6555 or email
Confirmation with Payment options (due before workshops) will be sent.

Contact her to find out more: